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Medical Sleep Program with Vivago Wellness


15 juillet 2010

Medical Sleep Program - AGUIABRANCA

"Grupo Águia Branca" is one of the largest Brazilian corporations in the logistics and transport segment. We are present in over 200 cities and provide employment to around 11.4 thousand people . Águia Branca turns over more than US$1.2 billion. With its main office in Espírito Santo and working throughout Brazil and Mercosul, "Grupo Águia Branca" is managed by a holding company and three Business Units in the areas: passenger transportation, logistics and vehicle dealership.

We’ve been developing a Medical Sleep Program for ten years at Viação Águia Branca, our passenger transportation company. It is an initiative to improve the quality of life of our 995 drivers and assure the safety of our passengers. The program reduces the risk of accidents caused by sleepiness and fatigue on the roads.

This program encourages the drivers with healthy habits such as physical exercises and it also avoids problems such as high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol.

Sala de estimulacao Sala de estimulacao - onde motoristas fazem exercicios para aumentar o nivel de atenção durante viagens mais longas reduzida
Teste de polissonografia para avaliar a qualidade do sono do motorista Teste de polissonografia para avaliar a qualidade do sono do motorista
Teste vigilia fadiga Teste vigilia fadiga

Routine evaluations were developed to monitor each participant. Part of this evaluation is performed on our support units: there are nine stimulation rooms located in three states in Brazil, Espírito Santo, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. These rooms are one of our most important tools of the program. There are professionals in these units to perform stretching exercises and monitor bike riding exercises with our drivers in order to reduce the risks of excessive sleepiness during the trip.

Every four months an internal evaluation is made with the drivers who attend the stimulation rooms and the results show a significant improvement of 80% on their performance.

Since the beginning of the program in 2000, 1.647.297 reaction time were taken before and after each trip. With these tests, we verify the drivers are in good condition, and measure the capacity performance and fatigue.

The results are stored on a database, where each driver has an individual history that we can detect any possible disorder, the need for any treatment or just perform a preventive monitoring.

We also have three sleeping laboratories where diagnosis and control treatments are made by full polysomnography sleeping tests evaluation with the completion of testing and maintenance of wakefulness and multiple sleep latencies.

Over the years of the program some improvement actions were accomplished: changes on the design of the driver’s chairs on the buses , changes of headlight bulbs, installation of side mirrors without any degree. Such changes aim to provide comfort for our bus drivers during their work schedule.

Source : Grupo Águia Branca